Volunteering in Union for sustainable return and integrations in B-H

The Union will provide to all interested volunteers educative support in term of general training, developing an overall sense of team work, strengthening the sense for responsibility and ability to resolve the problems, readiness for gathering new skills and knowledge in refugees, displaced persons and returnees assistance in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in Region (Serbia, Croatia).

The Union will ensure the certificates for volunteers that might be useful in their job searching.


Precondition: Obligatory computer knowledge (Ms Word, Excel)

Send your CV per:
e mail (uzopi@bih.net.ba),
or per post (Mihrivode 29, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina),

or Fax (+387 33 239 605), so that Expert team of Operative bureau for return and projects can make decision about your volunteering.





Email: uzopi@bih.net.ba
Phone: 00387 33 239 604
Phone: 00387 33 239 605
Fax: 00387 33 273 581

Mihrivode 29, 71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina


Members of the Union:

Its membership includes 98 local associations, local non-governmental organizations and other organizations of civil society in B&H and abroad